Hey all, I made a terrible quality YouTube video about my favourite vinyls. Check it out and comment on it how awesome or horrible it is. Much love, thank you :)

Hmmmm, which one should I spin…..? #themarsvolta

Had to revisit one of my first posts, Pawn Hearts. Van der Graaf Generator was a British progressive rock band from the classic 70s era, but they immediately sound very different from many of the other bands of the time. They are in similar vein to King Crimson, with a heavier and more brutal sound at times. Amazingly, they toured with and were close friends with Genesis, also being labelmates on The Famous Charisma Label. The band is unique as their main sound came from mostly keyboards, two simultaneously played saxophones, and Peter Hammill’s intense and piercing singing style. This is easily one of my all time favourite records now, the musicianship is incredible, the melodies are very emotional and beautiful, and its one of the most intense performances I’ve ever heard. It’s hard to pick out a standout, as there only 3 tracks on this album. The whole thing is an experimental prog masterpiece. #vandergraafgenerator #pawnhearts #lemmings #manerg #aplagueoflighthousekeepers #peterhammill #hughbanton #davidjackson #guyevans #progressiverock #experimentalrock #1971 #vinyl

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The grand finale of epic 45s. #starship #webuiltthiscity

I just had to Rick Roll myself #rickastley #nevergunnagiveyouup #rickrolled #80smang